Answers for infastructure: sustainability

Our team answers the tough questions you face
when pursuing green building goals.

Real Questions.
Real Answers. Real Results.

What you need to know
Every building is unique, just like the answers
you’ll get from our sustainability design process

Whether you want to reduce energy costs, meet green mandates or balance environmental goals with occupant comfort and productivity, our team makes it happen.

Convert your green goals into tangible
results by balancing building priorities

It can be difficult to balance traditional needs
for comfort and productivity with your multiple
business goals. Customized solutions from our team
creates the right equation to meet all of your priorities.

Turn questions into answers
Finding the best answers for your building
begins with understanding your needs. Our evaluation and planning process helps you define green building
goals and the best way to achieve them.

1) Identify green goals
Our first step compares your business and facility needs against your green objectives to define clear and attainable goals.

2) Evaluate operational goals and analyze findings
For an existing building, our next step is to assess
your operations measured against your green building
goals to identify gaps, challenges and opportunities. For
a new building, we evaluate your current and future needs
to ensure a solution that has long-term value.

3) Customize your solution
Finally, we write a customized plan that meets your
green targets within a specific timeline and budget.

Efficient Infrastructure
Reach your green building goals
through increased efficiency

Improve systems

Efficiency is at the core of green buildings.
We increase the efficiency of critical
components of your building’s infrastructure:
• Building envelope
• Lighting
• Heating/cooling systems
• HVAC and mechanical
• Water conservation

Implement alternative/renewable energy options
Why consider clean, renewable energy sources?
They help reduce your building’s carbon
footprint, mitigate energyprice volatility and
provide energy independence.

We will work with you to tailor a program for your facility using
advanced technologies in alternative or renewable energy. We
are experienced in technologies that create clean energy from
sources as diverse as solar, biomass, digester gas and wind.